How to grow a Kratom tree from seeds?

By admin 1 month ago

Kratom is a very beneficial herb which is harvested in the soil rich in nitrogen. Kratom is widely grown in the different regions of Asia. Kratom is a perfect refreshing drug to start your day. It helps us to stay active, alert and fresh for the whole day. It keeps us more focused and concentrated, and we can do much more work without getting tired. It gives us relief from stress, anxiety, and depression. It can generate feelings of euphoria and well being. Kratom can also be used to kill pain in any part of the body.

According to the new researches and studies, you can now grow your Kratom tree from seeds at your place.

Kratom seeds:

The seeds of Kratom are grown in the potheads. There are 50 seeds in each pothead. The size of these seeds is tiny. They are even lesser than the size of silver.

Necessities for growing Kratom tree from seeds:

  • The first thing which is very much essential to growing Kratom tree is the freshness of seeds. The seeds should be fresh. You should not use the old seeds. Try to use the seeds within a few hours after taking them out them from their parent tree.
  • You should grow your tree in a humid area. You should give your tree a wet environment to grow.
  • The plant should be grown in a place where it gets a large amount of sunlight.
  • Make sure that you are building your tree in the area where the warm breeze could reach it easily. It is crucial for the production of alkaloids.
  • The soil in which you are growing your tree should be rich in minerals and nutrients. Mineral and nutrients will make the leaves of your Kratom more potent and effective.
  • You should know the right time of the year, which is suitable for growing this plant.

Legislation of growing Kratom tree:

Kratom is considered a legal drug in many parts of the world. Therefore, we can say that growing Kratom tree is also permissible. There is no restriction in growing it at your place.


The best thing about growing your Kratom tree at your place is that you can save you money. You do not have to spend a lot of money on buying Kratom monthly or weekly. Growing Kratom tree at home is a bit expensive for the first time. The reason is that you have to purchase fresh Kratom seeds which are quite costly. But once your tree is grown, you will get rid of purchasing it again and again as well as spending your money on it.

One more thing which should not be ignored while planting your Kratom tree is the month which is suitable for growing it. According to the researches, the month of August is best for planting the Kratom tree.

Moreover, you will be sure about the quality of the Kratom you are using.…